Always Fresh and Organic

The main vendors at Drake Road Farmers Market include The Bread Chic, Whiteside Honey Company, Tortilla La Esmerelda, Miller Farms, and C&R Farms. Other vendors include Cake Escape Bakery, Rocky Mountain Botanicals, Gelato Amore, Slurpz, Pine Song Farm, West and 40 Candles, The Oil Barn, Plants Over Pills, and Cracked Bean Coffee Vendor categories include bread and pastries, health care, dairy and eggs, flowers, fruits, handmade crafts, honey, jams and pickles, meat, pet, specialty foods, and vegetables. C&R Farms supplies Drake Road Farmers market with tree fruits and ciders. Miller Farm produces fresh veggies, melons, and roasted peppers. Tortilla La Esmerelda provides chips, salsa, tortillas, and tamales. The Bread Chic provides breads, sourdoughs, and pies, while the Whiteside Honey Company provides lotion, honey stix, creamed honey, beeswax products, local honey, and more.

There are a certain set of rules and procedures that vendors should follow on market day. Vendors at the Saturday market should be parked by 8 am, while Wednesday and Sunday vendors are required to be parked by 9 am. Vendors who will be dropping off an item then moving their car outside should do so before 8:45 am on Wednesday and Sunday, and by 7:45 on Saturdays. During Sundays, all vendors parking their cars inside the market’s perimeter, including next to the curbed areas of the west, east, and north areas must do so before 8:50 am. Semi-trucks and large trucks can arrive by 9 am, allowing smaller cars to park in front of them.

At exactly 8:55 am, cones are set up on all entrances and no vendor vehicles are allowed to enter the interior after this. Driving around or past cones is also not allowed at Drake Road Farmers’ Market. Arriving at the market late attracts a fine of $10 if the vendor did not offer a prior notice to the manager. Vendors who are late also face the risk of losing a reserved or preferred parking spot and will have to park in the outer/edge spaces. Failure to show up on the checked dates or call the manager attracts a penalty of $25. Vendors who repeatedly break this rule face risk of expulsion from Drake Road Farmers Market.

New vendors may be moved around during their first year. As the market shrinks and grows with the season other vendors may also be shifted. Drake Road Farmers’ Market reserves the right to accept or reject the entry of any vendor or product into the market. Vendors are also not allowed to bring additional products or new products that are not among the list of items provided during application. If a vendor wants to bring new or added items, they must first seek the approval of the board of directors.

All food samples must be prepared according to the standards laid out by the Colorado Health Department. Vendors must use certified scales while making their sales. Vendors are not allowed to smoke, consume or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the course of the event. Smoking is prohibited within twenty feet of the market’s perimeter. Vendors are required to have a sign indicating organically grown, their name, phone number, and town.